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Located in Minnesota.
Service through meditation...
    We hold public meditations at the time of the full moon.
     We support study groups in Nature of the Soul, based on the work of Lucille Cedercrans.
     eMail: Info@wisdomlink.net

Lucille's writings in other languages

     In French:  Le Sentier De l'Initiation and La Pensée Créatrice (Kindle books)
     In Danish:  Kentaur Forlag
     In Norwegian:  Visdomsforlaget
     In Italian:  www.cedercrans.it  Bookstore:  Il Librario delle Stelle
     In Spanish:  www.sham-bha-la.org  and Kindle: La Naturaleza del Alma
     In Russian: Coming Soon

AKASHA Retreat Centre Australia

At Akasha our focus is Spirit, and all that we offer here is in accordance with this focus.  Through the beauty of the nature that surrounds us we remember the beauty of the Truth that is within us … we catch a glimpse of the Light that we are. Classes available: Path of Initiation; The Nature of the Soul.


  the autobiography and biography of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible
by Gretchen Ann Groth

Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking is composed of four approaches:

    Writings by Lucille. These include her three autobiographical chapters, her poetry, and two stories.
    Chapters written by me as if Lucille had been the author. For many of these, Lucille had shared the experiences with me so often that I was able to write the stories just as I recall her telling them to me.
    Explanatory chapters. I describe or analyze parts of her life or explain the methodology for her process (Science of Impression).
    Anecdotal memories of Lucille by students and other people who knew her. These are spread throughout the book.

Glen W. Knape:

The web site of a Teacher of the Wisdom. Includes quotes from and articles on The Nature of The Soul, Creative Thinking, The Soul and Its Instrument, and Teacher Training.



The Ageless Wisdom and videoconferencing: new possibilities for group service and study. Work with servers across town and across the world. High quality audio and video allows face-to-face, real time interaction. Collaborative, intentional dialogue helps build group insight, sometimes far beyond what can be achieved through simply reading the text individually. This online method was adapted from Lucille Cedercrans' Teacher Training, using alignment, projection, intentional dialogue, and resonance. A way to work with our mental, emotional, and etheric fields in their natural, aligned state, as a conscious, intentional service to humanity.

Agni Yoga Society:


Nicholas Roerich Museum


Arcana Workshops:


New Group of World Servers


The International Committee of the Banner of Peace
In Spanish with several articles in English


The Center for Conscious Creativity (CCC)


Full Moon Meditation


Kentaur Net - Ageless wisdom on the net  
We also offer training for establishing soul contact and preparation for discipleship. We are inspired by the writings of Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercran and Roberto Assagioli and are working in cooperation with many fine groups in Denmark to bring the Wisdom to a larger audience.


Lucis Trust:

Arcane School, Lucis Publishing Company, Lucis Trust Library, World Goodwill


Meditation Groups, Inc. (Meditation Mount, MGNA):


Rainbow Bridge Techniques:
Processes to link to the Soul and to Remove the Obstacles to Union with the Self.


The School for Esoteric Studies


The School's objective is to help aspirants prepare for esoteric discipleship and to help disciples prepare for initiation.

The Seven Ray Institute (University of Seven Rays):


The Seven Rays Today


Soul Life Center On-line offers an interactive psycho-educational program that: fosters increased understanding and self-awareness; helps resolve problems and blocks; facilitates realization of potential and meaning in one's life. We advocate conscious evolution informed by intrinsic spiritual purpose for both individual and planetary good.


The White Mountain Educational Assoc:


The Wisdom Group


This is a group based on the knowledge and understanding of The New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom as presented by Lucille Cedercrans and others.


This is an online discussion group that includes "Lucille Cedercrans" among its short list of topics. It's small, but growing, and we wanted to let you know that there is a place to talk about N.S., etc.


"Pluto Network is a group united by their vision of a peaceful new world; by their dedicated spirituality however it is expressed, and by their acceptance that there are numerous paths leading to this goal.

Think2share ~ inspiring the sharing principle

"Contrary to the common misconception that people are individualistic and selfish by nature, anthropologists have shown that gifting and sharing has long formed the basis of community relationships in societies across the world…Without the act of sharing and reciprocity, there would be no social foundations upon which to build societies and economies.” (A primer on global economic sharing)

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